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Long weekends are the perfect excuse to take off on a road trip! We spent our 4th of July weekend partying with the aliens and the wild westerners!

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We packed up the car and headed to Mortimer Farms for another Central Arizona Rat Patrol Barn Hunt trial. Although it was quite warm, Mom had some creative ways to keep us cool as we attempted to earn our Novice titles!

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This past Saturday we spent the day at Mortimer Farms at a Barn Hunt trial. It was Bruiser’s fourth trial, and Pebbles’ first! Mortimer Farms is up in the mountains, so the temps were a lot cooler than the city of Phoenix temps…which meant that the whole pack could go and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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The summer before we moved to Phoenix, a wildfire took the lives of 19 elite wildland firefighters on the afternoon of June 30, 2013. We remember hearing about this tragic loss on the national news. When we heard that a state park, hiking trail and memorial had been created to honor these 19 individuals, we knew it was a must see.


We had great fun dressing up for St. Patrick's Day this year. It was made even more exciting by Daddy's work hosting a week long challenge leading up to the big day. Will we be able to help him win?

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Bruiser, Pebbles & Daddy have been practicing hard, getting ready for their second Rally competition. Two more qualifying scores and they will earn their Rally Novice title!


Whew, we are exhausted! This weekend we hosted and entertained out of town guests. We had a blast but wow, it’s going to take all week to recover! Our Aunt Lori & Grandpa came to town to run in the Arizona Rock N Roll Half Marathon. (We think they’re crazy weird!) They brought Grandma with them, and together we all explored, played, ate, drank and got crazy!

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On the east side of Phoenix is a mountain range called the Superstition Mountains. They stand very tall, with a unique shape to them. We’ve never been to that side of town, so we decided to do a one day adventure.

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It’s adventure time! We’re off to explore the world…okay, maybe not the world, maybe just the area within driving distance.

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We know a lot of you are currently covered in snow, so we thought it would be appropriate to share one of our snow adventures with you. This was almost four years ago when we lived in Kansas City, and got hit with at least a foot of snow!

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I went to my first Barn Hunt class last night. Barn hunt is a sport based on the traditional idea of ridding farms, barns, and homes of destructive vermin. Rats are placed in tubes and hidden on a course made of bales of hay and loose straw. The goal is for the dog to quickly and efficiently find the tubes that contain the rats and let their handler know. No worries, the rats are very well taken care of and often beloved family pets…as was the case for the rats in my class last night.


We figured that after a long weekend, you might be needing a pick up on this Monday morning! No need to look any further, The Teddy Bear Pack is here!


Of course, we had to get in one last adventure before this long weekend comes to an end. We piled in the car and drove across town to Saguaro Lake.


Although there are so many mountains and trails to climb in Phoenix, it's easy for us to just stay in our area and climb the trails we know.

Today, we ventured into North Phoenix and hiked to the top of Lookout Mountain! The views of the city were amazing...you could see for miles and miles...and everything looked so tiny...even downtown Phoenix! 


Mommy, Daddy & I participated in the 4 Peak Challenge this year. We hiked to the top of four different mountain peaks in our area. If you add up all the steps we took from the minute we got to the start line to the minute we crossed the finish line and received our medals, we hiked over 13 miles. Okay, so I didn’t technically make every step, but I was along for every step that Mommy & Daddy took, and I took some of my own.

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