PBJ Pack

Hire Us


Are you looking for a spokesdog for your product? Do you need a few beautiful models to showcase your wears? We are available!

Not only are we cute and adorable, but our Mommy is a professional photographer and she has spent lots of time working with us to perfect our performance in front of the camera.

Sit and Stay

We can sit, stay as a group, even when lots of things are going on around us.

Sunglasses & Hats

We can wear clothing, sunglasses and hats!



We can balance on odd shaped objects and hold unusual positions.


We are very stylish.


We can sit & pose beside a plate full of treats and not touch them.


We can pose next to dogs four times our size and hold a sit stay.

If you have a product that we truly believe in, we will support it to the best of our ability!

And, most importantly we make people say Awwwww!!