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Have you heard of Bone Broth? We imagine it’s been around for many, many years, but it’s just in the last five years that it has become a popular health food. Its nutrient density is said to help heal the gut, boost the immune system, improve joints, skin and hair and just overall be an excellent addition to anyone’s diet!

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Bone Broth is made by simmering the bones of healthy animals at low heat for up to 24 hours, releasing the trace minerals and collagen from the bones and joints of those animals. You can also include veggies and/or spices in your simmering pot. Some recipes even include adding chicken feet and egg shells to the pot…releasing all sorts of good nutrients!


Bone Broth has been a part of the PBJ Pack’s diet for many years! It’s been a perfect way for Mommy to sneak in some extra nutrients, without us even knowing!


Unlike humans, dogs taste with our noses. We don’t have a lot of taste buds, but our sense of smell is 40X greater than yours. The smell of our food is what will determine if we’re going to be interested or if we’re going to turn our noses up and walk away. One of the extra benefits of adding Bone Broth to our meals is that we can smell that meaty, mouth watering smell! Meal time becomes even more exciting!


At home, Mommy will add 1 Tbsp of Bone Broth to each meal. When we’re out on the road and being super active, Mommy will give us Bone Broth instead of water. It’s like the perfect doggy sports drink!


Of course, you can make your own bone broth, but we can tell you from experience, 24 hours of simmering bones is a LONG time! And, if you add Turmeric, which is a great anti-inflammatory, it can make a huge mess!! Mommy & Daddy know from experience!


We recently found Primalvore, an organic, grass-fed Bone Broth just for dogs!! It’s perfect! It has added collagen to help with our mobility & joint health and that messy turmeric we were just talking about! Plus, it has that yummy meaty smell that gets our noses super excited about drinking it!

Best of all, if you use the discount code PBJPACK, you’ll get 20% off, and if you order 6 pouches or more, you get free shipping! Don’t dilly dally, place your order with Primalvore today!

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