PBJ Pack


The lives and adventures of Joey, Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser and Jax.


Summers in the desert can get quite warm, so we do a lot of swimming to stay cool! Some of us enjoy it more than others! Bruiser is our professional dock diver! He eagerly jumps off a dock, that is two feet off the water, to retrieve his prized ball!


Jax has just started learning to enjoy the pool. He’s an awesome swimmer...quite a natural. He has also started to jump off the dock, and is beginning to embrace the diving sport, just like his big bro.


Pebbles’ use of the pool is limited to floating on the raft. She has an image to uphold and wet dog does not go with that image!


Benji doesn’t mind a little dip, but he prefers to keep his paws on solid ground.


Thanks to Isle of Dogs, we received a variety of their Brush Sprays to try out. They work great! The Brush Sprays include Coconut Oil, which helps the brush move smoothly through our hair. This will prevent hair damage, as it’s important to never brush a dry coat. The Coconut Oil also helps keep our skin and hair moisturized, which is very important after spending lots of time in the pool! And, as an added bonus, each of us have our own scent that makes us smell extra yummy!


The PBJ Pack was featured on the Isle of Dogs Blog! Head on over to learn more about our brushing tips to maintain your fabulous summer 'dos!

As well, here are links to the slicker brush and comb that we like to use.

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