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Did you know that chewing not only helps stop the buildup of plaque and tarter on our teeth, but it can also help knock off any that has already built up? There are lots of products that promote helping keep your teeth clean, but we prefer to use real food.

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Using real food as a tooth brush is simple, nutritious and healthy! You can use RAW bones, but they’re kind of messy. We prefer using dried or dehydrated bones and chews from real animals. (Please make sure the bones you feed are not cooked! Cooked bones can splinter and cause internal injuries.)


Farm Hounds Treats are a great source for chews! All their chews come from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised animals, that are hormone, antibiotic, chemical free and raised humanely.


They have a variety of animal sources from beef to duck.


They have chews that are harder, like beef pizzle. (For hard chews, we recommend setting a timer and limiting the chew session to 20-30 minutes).


As well as chews that are easier, like beef esophagus.


Mommy includes chews as part of our weekly diet. 3-4 days a week, we get a chew instead of a food nugget. We recommend limiting your chew session to 20-30 minutes.


She or Daddy will hold the chew for us, to make sure we’re chewing and not gobbling. And, also to make sure we’re using both sides of our mouths, so our teeth are getting equal cleaning time.


If you want to give them a taste test (which we think you should!), visit the Farm Hounds Treats website and check out all their chew options! Also, be sure to use code PBJPACK20 to get 20% off your first order.

They also have great treats as well!