PBJ Pack




Hello Friends, I’m Benji. On January 25th, I celebrated my 4th Gotcha Day, and our best guess is that I am 10 1/2 years old. I was rescued from the LA County Shelter and fostered by a loving woman from Recycled Love Dog Rescue, until one day when Mommy found my adoption listing and fell in love. I am deaf and blind, and have been for as long as anyone knows. I weigh a little over seven pounds. We did a DNA test and it said I’m part Pekingese, Maltese and Yorkie…so Mommy calls me a Morkingese.

When Mommy & Daddy first met me, I didn’t have cataracts yet, but I was already blind. I may have been able to see the difference between shadows and lights, but we’re not sure. Even though I didn’t join the pack as a puppy, when Mommy sees clear eyed photos of me, she imagines this is what I looked like as a puppy.

One of my favorite things to do is sit outside and smell the world!! When the breeze is blowing, my head turns from side to side and you can see my nose twitching away. There’s nothing I love more than smelling all the smells! I’m also known as the Master of Zen! I’m very calm and relaxed; only strange smells that catch me off guard will get me worked up and barking. Most of the time, I’m happy to just sit and soak it all in.

While going on adventures can be challenging for me, I never get left behind. I’m part of the pack and Mommy will backpack me on hikes, Daddy will carry me when there are too many obstacles, or I get to ride in my chariot stroller! But, the ultimate is when there’s a wide open space and I just get to explore and explore! Mommy says, I’m so brave! Without hesitation, I will just head off to explore, following my nose, whether we’re at the beach, at the park, even on walks around my neighborhood. I know the path very well, and have even walked half of it without a leash or any guidance.

When it comes to posing for photos, the perfect set up is to have me facing into the wind. If that doesn’t work, then Mommy and Daddy will use treats to guide my nose in the direction of the camera. Depending on the other competing smells, this can be an easy task or a more challenging task…and sometimes Mommy has to use the extra good smelling treats!

I love belly rubs, but I won’t just stay on my back…you have to be actively rubbing my belly! I love to sit in laps, but I don’t like to be messed with. Scratching my chin, or rubbing my head or back is okay, but don’t try to touch my legs. I will grumble at you. If you’ve never heard me grumble, it could come across as scary, but I’ve never once lashed out. I just grumble like an old man!

Even after four years together, Mommy is constantly in awe of the things I am capable of doing! She says all the time, I am a constant reminder that there’s no such thing as can’t and that anything is possible. The other thing I’m good at reminding everyone of…stop what you’re doing, be present, enjoy the moment and take in every smell…it’s worth it!

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