PBJ Pack




Hi! I’m the baby of the pack! I’m Jax, a two year old Maltipoo, and weigh in at a whopping 7 1/2 lbs. I’m full of spunk, happiness, energy and the biggest brain you ever did see! My eyebrows seem to be a hit with all the ladies…even though they have a mind of their own, and Mommy is constantly fussing with them!

From day one, when I joined the pack, we began my training! Mommy started with the basics…learning my name, sit and down. I was a three lb. ball of fluff and Mommy quickly realized I was smart, and very eager to learn! She used every meal time as a training session, and it paid off!

Never one to miss an opportunity, Mommy just kept working with me! At less than a year old, I earned all of the titles you see below. I have even started following my big brother’s lead and competed in a few dock diving competitions! I’ve learned how to give Hugs, do Pawstands, Pray, Ring a Bell, Run Agility Courses, Swim, Skateboard, Surf, pose for photos like a professional, and really just be the cutest little puppy ever! Oh, and who could forget…I even do leg lifts in my sleep to stay fit, and have the cutest booty ever!

I also have a need for speed!! Whether it’s coming when Mommy calls, running on the beach, hiking or just getting the zoomies around the house…I like to go fast!! Like super-fast!

I’m also really good at making Mommy laugh. While we’re all Mommy pups…I’m the most! While I was still young, Mommy was very sad because she had to say goodbye to my big brother Joey. Working with me, and teaching me new tricks, is what got her through that sad period. I made her smile and laugh through her tears…and I still do that to this day! I’m just the happiest little guy you’ll ever meet. I never have a bad day, and I never get grumpy. I’m eager to please and love to be active and work my brain

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  • AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  • AKC Rally Novice (RN)

  • AKC Advanced Trick Dog (TKA)

  • AKC Barn Hunt Instinct (RATI)

  • AKC Achiever Dog


AKC Features

Jax was featured by the American Kennel Club for earning his Novice Trick Dog Title at only 12 weeks of age!


Jax was also featured for earning five titles before the age of nine months old..