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This is our Angel Joey. Joey was not only the first pup member of the PBJ Pack, but the J that completed the pack name. Sadly, we said goodbye to him in December 2017. He was just two months shy of turning 17 years old. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about, and smile at, the memory of our sweet Joey. He started a legacy with his love and strength!

Don’t let his puppy face fool you. As a young guy, Joey was SO ornery! Trash cans…he’d tip them over and scatter the trash. Boxes of Kleenex…he’d shred them! Sitting down to dinner, that napkin you put on your lap…it was his! Oh, and he was a runner! If he got loose, watch out because you were going to be chasing him…and he was crazy fast…easily as fast as Jax! Even when he slowed down, due to his age, he still found ways to be ornery…going through the recycle bin, as well as finding rolls of toilet paper to shred.

As evidenced by his orneriness, he had a Never Say Can’t attitude, all the way up to his last days with us. On hikes, he would squirm in the backpack wanting down to hike alongside everyone else. In photo shoots, he would break his Stay, because, why couldn’t he have that treat I was holding in my hand. Sixteen years old, standing on only his back two legs to raid the recycle bin, but, of course!

Joey LOVED food! It didn’t matter where we were, if we were at home, traveling on the road or staying at an AirBnB, he knew exactly when meal time was, and he would start pacing, or if you were in the car, he’d start whining…until you noticed and fed him. If you made him wait too long, he’d start barking at you. You were never allowed to miss a meal, and were frequently convinced to feed him extra meals!

Due to the many teeth Joey had removed, his tongue had a tendency to stick out and get stuck…especially while he was sleeping and relaxed! #TOT was definitely a signature look for Joey!

As our first pup, we learned a lot from Joey…not only what to do, but what not to do. We made a lot of mistakes with Joey, and while he was ornery, and put us through our paces, he was also the sweetest, most loving and loyal guy. He never held our mistakes against us, and loved us unconditionally! His favorite place to be was always with us, and always right by my side!

Forever in our hearts. Always in our memories. Loved until the end of time.

2/12/2001 - 12/10/2017

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Waggiwear Photo Shoot

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