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Hi All! I’m Bruiser. I’m a 9 lb, 8-year-old Maltipoo who truly believes everyone loves me! There’s nothing I enjoy more than meeting and greeting new people, giving kisses, cuddling and snuggling with them!

Ironically, I was named Bruiser when I was just a wee, 2 lb pup, but I prove time and time again, that my name is perfect for me. I’m a brave boy, willing to try and do anything…especially if treats are involved! If we’re playing, I love to barrel into my siblings, using all my weight. I have no problems playing with dogs of any size…the bigger the better! After all, I’m just a big dog in a little dog’s body!!

A few years ago, Mommy signed me up for swimming lessons. I took to it quickly and Mommy saw the potential for me to go further. With her guidance, and step by step practice, I became a dock diver!! This means I run and jump off a two foot high dock into a pool of water. Your score is measured by how far you jump and where the base of your tail hits the water…my personal best is 8 feet 6 inches! I jump, go under water, come back up, grab my ball and then swim out…and my tail never stops wagging!

I have lots of funny and cute routines! Every morning I wait outside the bedroom door for Mommy to wake up, so I can give her a hug. After our hug, I immediately run for the cozy cave and bury in until breakfast time. I can jump into the car on my own, but I can only jump in from the driver’s side…even though I sit on the passenger side. When my travel harness gets put on, I put it in my mouth and prance off to the family room, holding it in between my teeth the entire time. When Mommy gets out the treats, I just start waving at her, because I’m sure that’s the trick she wants me to do. I just learned how to do it last year…and Mommy says I’ve got the best Wave ever!!

My nickname is #SuperB, because there’s nothing I can’t do! I’m a dock diver, a barn hunter, a nose worker, an obedience master, a trick dog, a professional model, a skate boarder, a gymnast, a good kisser, a great brother, and a best friend! And, I do it all with a happy, upbeat, positive attitude

Bruiser is represented by Arizona Animal Actors and is available for booking.

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  • AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen (CGCA)

  • AKC Rally Advanced (RA)

  • AKC Advanced Trick Dog (TKA)

  • AKC / NADD Lap Class Dock Junior (DJ)

  • Novice Barn Hunt (RATN)

  • UAD Novice Jumper II (UADNJ II)

  • Hunter Canine Training Retreat

  • Hunter Canine Intermediate Obedience

  • 2016 Nationally Ranked #13 in NADD Lap Class Junior Division

  • Finalist in Featherweight and Novice Divisions of the 2016 & 2018 Ultimate Air Games

Progress Residential Commercial

Bruiser performed in a commercial for Progress Residential. He demonstrated the ability to perform a Down on command, Coming from off camera to a designated mark and his specialty of smothering an actor in kisses.


Primetime Petz Product Catalog

Bruiser was featured on the cover of Primetime Petz’s 2018 Product Catalog. He also demonstrated several of their products and his image was featured both in the catalog, on their web site and in the Amazon product listings promoting the Palm Springs Collection.


AKC Feature

Bruiser was featured by the American Kennel Club recognizing his amazing dock diving abilities!


PetSmart Photo Shoot

Bruiser has done multiple photo shoots for PetSmart. He was featured in a grooming promotion on the PetSmart web site.


Bruiser was featured in an email marketing piece, promoting the latest print ad.


Bruiser was presented in a print ad, promoting the Top Paw Sports Collection.


Bruiser was featured in the same print ad, wearing a Harley Quinn DC Comics Licensed Halloween costume.


Bruiser modeled a camouflage sweater and his image was featured in store signage and Sunday circulars during the holiday season.


Bruiser demonstrated how comfy Petsmart’s Cuddler Beds are in this email marketing campaign.