PBJ Pack


The lives and adventures of Joey, Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser and Jax.


Today we celebrate Benji, and pets like him, who might face a little extra challenges in their everyday life! Whether it’s blindness, deafness, paralysis or missing limbs, this day is a reminder that no matter the disability, these dogs are very able! They are able to give love, to feel love and to live a healthy and fabulous life!


We love that today is called Specially Abled Pets Day, because as far as Benji is concerned, he’s just as able as the next guy! Being blind and deaf doesn’t stop him from exploring, enjoying and living life…it just might take him a little longer to get there, and there may be a few extra turns along the way!


Even after four years together, his abilities amaze me! He knows when our neighbor is in their backyard (on the other side of a 6 foot tall stone wall). He knows when a stranger has come to the door. He has a blueprint of our house completely mapped out in his head, and knows where to find each dog bed. He knows where the door to go on a walk is, knows where the door to go to the backyard is, and knows where the kitchen is when he's hungry.


He loves going on adventures with us, whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, a ride in his backpack on a hike, or chilling in his basket, with his helmet, on a bike ride. We can see his little nose move a mile a minute as he takes in all the smells around him. He turns his face from side to side taking in the breeze and the smells that it carries. When we make a stop, he’s content to just sit and soak it in, or, depending on the terrain, he’ll explore…without hesitation, he’ll just get up and go off on an exploration!


He is a true inspiration and a great example of how you should never let your challenges stand in your way!


This is a day to encourage adoption of special need pets, to see the beauty and amazement of these pets who bring awareness to all they have to offer us! They are true teachers, in the fact that they never let their disability stand in their way. They want to be active, they want to go on adventures and experience the world! The possibilities are endless, if they’re just given a chance!


Adopting Benji was one of the best decisions we have ever made! Everyone always says he is blessed to have us, but truth be told, we are more blessed to have him!