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Have you ever wondered how you can be as fabulous as Princess Pebbles?!? Well, she’s giving up one of her secrets and sharing with you the step by step instruction for accessorizing with feathers.

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First, you will need your tools:

Slide your crimp bead onto the threader.

Select a piece of hair. We find it best to select the hair about half way back from the front and a couple of layers down.

Close the mouth of the threader around the piece of hair, and slide the crimp bead off the threader onto the hair.

Push the crimp bead towards the scalp. You don’t want it too close to the scalp, because then the feather will stand straight up. But, you do want it close enough that it doesn’t get pulled out if you accidently scratch.

Place the end of the feather into the crimp bead. At this point, there should be hair and a feather inside the crimp bead.

Use your pliers and squeeze the crimp bead.

The bead will now be flat and squished, holding the feather and hair into place.

That’s it! Give your hair a good toss and know that you are now fabulous!! Princess Pebbles approved!

Repeat all steps if you want more than one feather. You can put them all on the same piece of hair, just use separate crimp beads.

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