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Along with our homemade dog food, Mom also makes us homemade dog treats. Our favorite is by far our Dehydrated Liver Treats. Really, they’re super easy to make...messy...but easy!

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Start with acquiring a Dehydrator. We got this one when it was on a super sale. But, there are lots of options out there, at all price points.

Next, purchase liver. We get all of our meat products from Raw Paws Pet Food...grass fed and high quality! (Be sure to use code PBJPACK15 to save 15%) Any organ or other protein (chicken breast, mahi mahi) will work.

Now comes the messy part. Using kitchen shears, cut the liver up into small pieces, and place it on the dehydrator trays. We use these mesh screens, so that we can cut the liver into really small pieces. The smaller the pieces are, the faster the process is to dehydrate.

Once you have your dehydrator filled up, put the lid on and turn it on. 160F/71C is recommended for meat products. Now, walk away and let it do its thing.

Check in on it periodically to see if the liver treats have reached perfection. Perfection is an opinion, we like ours to be almost crunchy.

We think the smell is heaven! Mom says be prepared for your house to be stinky for a while.


At about the two hour mark, Mom likes to flip them over, so they’re equally crispy on both sides. Flip and run for about another hour. (Keep in mind, the time to dehydrate can vary based on the organ/protein you are using.)

Just like that, you have a big pile of yummy liver treats!

And, of course, taste testing is the final step. Make sure you’re close by when the treats are finished, and flash your cutest face!!

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