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The lives and adventures of Joey, Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser and Jax.


We hit the adventure trail this weekend! We made our first trip to @MontezumaNPS. That’s #MontezumaCastle directly behind and above us, a five-story 20 room dwelling.


We also got to explore around the #MonezumaWell. The true treasure was when we hiked down to the Well Output. The sound of the water flowing, surronded by lots of vegetation…it was just breathtaking.


Of course, we wanted to see the ancient ruins, but our main reason for visiting @MontezumaNPS was to become B.A.R.K. Rangers! They are one of the National Parks that welcome dogs, and if you agree to follow the BARK rules, you can become a #BARKRanger! The rules are pretty simple:

  • B – Bag Your Poop (pretty obvious…isn’t that what our parents are supposed to do for us?)
  • A – Always Wear A Leash (a 6 ft or less, and don’t let your parents wander off without you!)
  • R – Respect Wildlife (don’t harass, chase or bark at the wildlife…this isn’t your home, it’s theirs!)
  • K – Know Where You Can Go (make sure your parents read the signs, BARK Rangers are permitted in parking lots, campgrounds, picnic areas, roads and designated trails)

Check it out, we’re the real deal with badges and everything!


Have you ever seen a better looking crew of Bark Rangers?!? Of course, we were attracting all sorts of attention. After greeting our fans, we made sure to point them in the right direction, encourage them to explore and learn and always smile along the way!

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