PBJ Pack


The lives and adventures of Joey, Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser and Jax.


One of the most beautiful places at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is Angels Rest. Angels Rest is the resting place and memorial for sanctuary animals, and anyone who would like to create a memorial for their beloved companion. 

Which is exactly what we chose to do to honor Joey. The Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places we have visited, the energy is positive and healing and Joey visited with us last year. It seemed fitting that a part of him should rest here, as well.

Forever in our hearts. Always in our memories. Loved until the end of time. 2/12/2001-12/10/2017 #mymisterjoey.


“Words are weak and can never truly express the emotions of the heart. The heart has no tongue but it holds and feels our inner most expressions of love. You had no words but you expressed your love and joy. You used your eyes, your tail and body expressions that spoke volumes to us. You gave us memories with your unique gifts that we hold dear, and we shared the greatest gift, “LOVE”. You looked into our hearts and mind and in so doing, you accepted and embraced us and we become one. Your earth journey is now complete, your spirit set free, we close our eyes and see you walking with the angels, as a whole, complete, healthy and loving being. Blessings my friend to you in your new forever home. We will never forget you.”

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